About Us

How did we come up with the idea for Sustain Wear?
We are two sisters who are passionate about people, fashion, and conscious choices. What could be better than to combine these two?
The name Sustain as you already probably figured out, comes from the word Sustainability.
Our vision is to create timeless clothes with a focus on sustainability. 
Our goal is for you to be able to wear these clothes for a longer period without compromising on the quality. 
What inspires us?
We get inspiration from old catalogs and movies to today's fashion. We want to recreate timeless clothes with today's modern technology. Clothes that are flattering for all different body shapes. Sustain Wear designs for the woman who loves to wear elegant clothes that they feel comfortable in.
Sustain Wear will always be permeated by development. Just like we, Tara and Sandra, are like people, always looking for new ways to improve. 
Creators: Sandra Atiyar and Tara Yilmaz